Sunday, February 13, 2011

NYFW: Nicole Miller Gets Galacticly Precise for Fall 2011

I'll be the first to admit - I'm not your typical fashionista.

What I mean is that I love fashion, but I don't live, breathe and blog for it - as many a Tumblr sent to New York Fashion Week does.

However, I do know a thing or two. And I find that as I get older and observe more and more from the best metropolitan vantage point anyone interested in fashion could ask for (NYC of course), I'm starting to feel more confident in my assessment of the what's hot and what's not...for lack of a better phrase.

Which is why I feel OK about saying that Nicole Miller's Spring 2011 line was, let's say, less than I'd expected. But I should preface that by saying that I did appreciate the designs - it was the execution I found to be lacking.

As such a prolific designer and well-known name, I had thought I'd be blown away when watching her models walk the runway. But for the most part, I was not. And I blame the construction of the garments: the fit was somewhat ill on many of the models and the materials looked sort of drab. But there were definitely some pieces where I saw a lot of potential - and I especially enjoyed her pants, and felt that some of them might even look good two feet shorter and four sizes bigger (aka, on me!)

When I looked back at the photos of the show though, I was surprised at how well some of the garments registered on film. This one for instance:

It doesn't look so bad here, but at the show, I thought it was dreadful.

Some of the looks were far too space-age-y for my taste. I'm rarely known to say this, but some were actually TOO '80s for me. Like this one:

It's outer galaxy wear meets Let's Get Physical with those above the knee leggings. Is that too harsh? I guess I just don't enjoy.

This, though, I do like, and could see as translatable:

Sure, it's a little other-worldly too, but I'm loving the shapes and lines and think the pants are so fresh.

Makeup by James Kaliardos for MAC was simple but precise, I suppose the same vibe Miller was going for in this line. While I do believe she got that spot on in her designs, I only hope that once these hit the racks their seams, folds and fit will look a little less rushed.

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