Monday, December 13, 2010

Makeup - Matrix Style

Perhaps posting small updates here and there about what I've been doing is a good way to start getting back into the (personal) blog thing...that is, besides Palooza reporting, of course.

In that vein, here's some snaps of makeup from this weekend. Shoot with super amazing fantastic photographer Kent Miller, and the gorgeous Abby Watson. The theme was Trinity, as in the Matrix Trinity...but of course we had to get a nice black dress beauty shot in there too. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pizzapalooza 2010: The event of the century - this's PIZZA

NEW YORK, New York (December 8, 2010) - The Palooza's LLC, are proud to announce the inaugural Pizzapalooza event, launched in part due to the overwhelming success of the company's first event, Wingapalooza.

The original Palooza team has reconvened for this sure-to-be groundbreaking event in which four contestants, that's right, FOUR (obviously superior to Wingapalooza's three) will compete against each other to eat an entire pizza quicker than their competitors.

Details of the event are as follows:

Pizzapalooza 2010
December 9, 6:00 p.m.
151 E 60th Street #1
b/w Lex & 3rd
New York, NY

Already, the response has been outstanding as eager attendees anxiously await the contest. Just a small sampling of public opinion can be seen here:

"I'm going to Mariella's on Wednesday night, because I literally can't wait for Pizzapalooza."
- LeighAnn Tobia

"Contrary to what you might have heard; I do care."
- Sarah Cascone

"I'm really looking forward to the competition; I've always wanted to be in a palooza."
- Joel Lestrad, official competitor

"I can eat a pizza in four minutes."
- Robert LaSalle, official competitor

"Pizzapalooza is a family friendly event."
- Ryan Fleischauser, official competitor

"Pizzapalooza has been created based on feedback from Wingapalooza attendees. It's the most requested and anticipated palooza yet."
- Seth Adler, official competitor

"Isn't it weird that my job requires that I talk a lot, yet part of my name is the word hush?"
- Kelly Hushin

"That's an oxymoron."
- Jonathan Massoud

"You're an oxymoron."
- Meghan Unger

As if the excitement weren't already overwhelming, VIP Celebrity Guest, Cheryl Fleischhauer (Ryan's Mom) & her entourage will be in attendance as well.

Competition submissions are now closed, but just because you can't compete doesn't mean you can't eat.

See you at the Palooza.

Follow the team @thepaloozas.

Pizzapalooza 2010 is sponsored by Horseshoe Brand hot sauce, which can be enjoyed on nearly any and all foods, pizza included.