Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little of what's going on

I haven't shared much lately about what I've been doing. It's time.

Let's start with this. It's my company's "radio station" as I like to call it. All the interviews are done by yours truly. You'll hear stuff in there on defense, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, supply chain and more. It's kept me quite busy. In fact, busy enough that I recently received the company's honor of "Rookie of the Year." It's only been six months so I was pretty stoked.

Been doing some makeup here and there, as you may have seen in a recent post. Kent, the excellently talented photographer I shot that with, was recently on a CBS special about KodaChrome. He rocks.

I'm gearing up to go skiing this weekend. I haven't been in about 7 years so this should be interesting.

I took a CopyWriting class in the city last week with a woman I know from BeautyNewsNYC (which I should be working on right now.) It was fun to talk about writing in a different way - though I feel I only scraped the surface of what it could be like.

Last Friday I went to the Times Center to hear Trent Reznor talk to a reporter who was pretty much the worst interviewer they could have put to the already-difficult challenge of interviewing my favorite front man. But it was Trent, and he was talking, so I was mesmerized. And then I got to ask him a question, directly. My life was changed. Ok, dramatic. More to come on that.

I'm thinking about cutting my hair. I mean, I always cut my hair. But this time maybe something different. I'm getting bored of it.

Perhaps I'll follow with some musings about things - as I miss doing that.

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